Full Flood Underlayment

Full flood underlayments are our newest offering that saves both time and money. We apply our own self-leveling polymer modified cementitious product to create the perfect underlayment that’s compatible with a wide variety of floor coverings and flooring systems

First we receive the floor at a 3/8" darby finish. Then we apply a 3/8" thick flood of self-leveling polymer modified cementitious product, a calcium-aluminate-cement-based underlayment and repair mix to create a 1/8" over ten feet flat tolerance across the plate. Using a pump, we mix the product and water to the correct ratio and run lines to the desired area of application.

Our full flood underlayments are compatible with a wide variety of floor-covering adhesives, epoxy adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, and tile and stone installation mortars too, giving our valuable customers one less detail to worry about. Floor coverings can typically be installed as early as 16 hours after the process is complete.

  • Fast Track system (no other trades on the floor at time of application)
  • Save money on concrete finishing costs
  • Reach the desired tolerance in one application rather than three separate attempts
  • Flatness is carried across the entire plate and not on a room to room basis